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What is an ICO?

What Are Initial Coin Offerings?

The total number of Altcoins in existence touched nearly 1300+ and there seems to be no end very soon. With a huge and endless potential of the Cryptocurrency we see many new coins emerging out in the market each day passing by making it kind of Gold Rush and flooding the Crypto Market. Here is All you have to know about an ICO.

Initial Coin Offerings

What is an ICO?

An "ICO" or Initial Coin Offering in the world of Cryptocurrency is world’s answer to the more familiar "IPO" or Initial Public Offerings that companies do.

To break it down in simple English words i would say. 

Its kind of a Campaign to raise Money for a new venture, where the general public can buy in early into the Cryptocurrency at less price and hoping the same will explode into the Next Big Thing. 

ICO's are open to be subscribed by anyone. As long as you have the money and are truly interested, no matter where it originates from

Number of Initial Coin Offerings

There have been many ICOs in the years preceding 2017, but the sector truly fully bloomed this year which saw cryptocurrency startup raise tens of billions of dollars in fresh funding for their new ventures. The cryptocurrency industry as a whole has a wonderful year with ICOs leading the way, and the main reason that there are so many fresh ICOs can be traced to the extremely high demand the general public has in finding the next Ethereum or the next Bitcoin. The possibility of high yield over short periods the industry presents is an unavoidable attraction to consumers worldwide.

Which ICO should I Buy?

With so many ICO's on offer it can be very challenging for you and me to bet our hard earned money. However there aren't any set of rules or regulations that guide ICO's. But all we can do is carefully study the WHITEPAPER of the ICO. This document is blueprint which outlines the vision & mission of the startup.

What will i get when i buy an ICO.

Steps to consider while buying an ICO.

1. A Good ICO is backed by a solid plan. It is also equally important to run a check on the team that is backing the ICO.

2. Do check out the online cryptocurrency forums like Reddit, you will get a clear picture through the reviews the ICO is getting.

icowatchlist . com is what you can have a look at know what are the current ICO's and  current progress.

Do You Still Have the Question? What Will I Get When I Buy an ICO.

In exchange for your fiat currency or other Altcoins like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) which are mostly accepted, you will be allotted a proportionate number of tokens. You dont hold any share in the company as like in Stock Markets. These tokens will eventually be traded or exchanged with a corresponding volume of the actual cryptocurrency when it is finally released.