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How To Buy Bitcoins?

I assume that you've learned all the basics about bitcoin, if not then do make sure to check out my article on Everything you need to know about BITCOIN..!! Aren't you excited to dwell into the world of Cryptocurrencies. I'm sure you are one among those to be fascinated by the BLOCK-CHAIN TCEHNOLOGY which is fast emerging to shape future of currency. wait let me tell you one more thing this is not going to surpass the Fiat alone. Many are looking forward in using block-chain tech and to have proper share in the growing market.

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So now let's get to the main topic i intended to discuss. 

How do i Buy Bitcoins ??? 

Cryptocurrency kart Buy with Bitcoin

Most of them are anxiously waiting to get their hands on 'BITCOIN' the next big thing after the internet. I'll guide you how to quickly get started and buy your first bitcoin or a fraction of it. 

You can almost buy bitcoins with any fiat currency, debit or credit transfers and with other 'Alt-coins' as well but i assume you aren't aware about them. So i suggest you to quickly have a look at.

 "What are Altcoin?"

There are numerous exchanges out there which offer you to buy Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrency if you are from western countries then Coinbase, Bittylicious, Circle offer easy purchase and sell of crypto's. but other parts are not well versed. It's still not easy to buy bitcoins with your credit or debit card's nor PayPal in most of the countries because of the jurisdiction. However, the options have recently grown for consumers.

First, get yourself a Bitcoin Address.

where you will find a place to store your purchased or received bitcoins. In the bitcoin world, are called bitcoin wallets you may also consider them as your bank. 

Depending on the security levels you have different kinds of wallets.

The main options are: 

1) Software wallet stored on your computer.

2) Online, web-based service also known as exchange.

3) 'Vault' service that keeps your bitcoins protected offline. 

4) Paper Wallets.

5)Ledger Nano, etc.

All of them having their own Up's and Down's. if you store bitcoins locally on your computer, make sure you back up your wallet regularly.

Exchanges and Online Wallets

There are plenty of exchanges and wallets competing for their business. some of them have many options like buy, sell and trade the crypto's while some others are limited to buy and selling alone.

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Buy Btc

Exchanges and wallets are the best option. but are subjected to risks of hacking and you may loose all your funds.

Coinbase is a popular wallet and exchange service that will also trade US dollars and euros for bitcoins. The company has web and mobile apps. Originally a US-only service, Coinbase has recently opened up to a large number of European countries.

Download : Coinbase

ZebPay is an Indian exchange which supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) allowing users to buy, sell and store bitcoin. Deposits can be made via any national online bank or through NEFT/RTGS. Registration with a PAN card is necessary to use all the services like deposits and withdraw of money.

Download : ZebPay or Unocoin

Vault is where the Funds are kept safe in a cold Storage most of the wallet providers hold them in vaults which are safe from hacking.

paper Wallet is where you get to create and print your own wallet address with the private key as well which means the funds in that will be safe until you have both the public key and private key safely with you.

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