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Belacam - The Future Of Social Media.

Belacam - The Future Of Social Media. (“Snap. Post. Paid.”)



Belacam is a cryptocurrency-based social media site similar to Instagram where users earn $.05 - $.10 for each 'like' that they get on their photos.                    

I am sure we all know what Instagram is a photo sharing platform where you can follow people/group and view their posts/feeds.....like them, post comments. Belacam is simillar but has taken this social engagement to a new level by introducing crypto.

For example, when Adam ‘likes’ Eve’s photo, Adam automatically gives Eve a few cents worth of Bela from his own account. Eve can withdraw that money or use it to like other users’ posts.

Belacam is giving away 0.5 Bela. This is a great way for users to understand the ease of use and security of cryptocurrencies—one of the main goals of Belacam. Users can withdraw their Bela and sell them for cash on other exchanges, or they can use Bela in their account balance to like other photos.

Bela Coin Exchanges :   CoinExchange.io

Remember this very important fact — Belacam is a crypto project as a whole, and also a technology project as a whole.

There are currently only 37,366,900 Bela in circulation, and as the membership base of Belacam continues to rise stratospherically, the average number of Bela held by each person will decrease and valuable increase's.

Forex.com Founder Invests $150k in Belacam --- A Cryptocurrency-Based Instagram Competitor

Consider each Bela Token you hold as a “share” on Belacam.

Belacam is the fastest growing photo sharing social media site where each like you get on your photo = money.

So what are you waiting for, use the link below to sign up and get started. Let's mix money with our social interactions.

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